Golf – Lower Back Pain Injuries

Lower back pain doesn’t have to be par for the course! Approximately 60 million people around the world play golf, sometimes into their 80s and 90s. This is great news, because the sport has many health and wellbeing benefits. However, lower back pain, or knee and hip injuries are the most common reasons golfers struggle […]

Have You Been ‘Hamstrung’? A Hamstring Injury Help Guide

‘Hamstrung’ – a figurative verbal expression from the noun hamstring (the muscle and tendon on the back of the thigh), originating in the 1500’s where soldiers would slay their enemy across the back of their thighs rendering them disabled, crippled, lame, or useless. If you have ever strained or torn a hamstring muscle (albeit in […]

Marathon Training – Are you eating and drinking the right things?

The Virgin London marathon approaches – Are you eating the right things as part of  your Marathon training? No doubt you have been sweating, aching, even wondering why you inflicting such punishment upon yourself? And have you answered the question – ‘have I optimised my chances of success with the best preparation?’   Marathon runners […]

Corn Treatment and Prevention

Corns are a common foot complaint treated by Podiatrists; nearly 50% of us will have suffered from them. Common home treatments include using corn plasters, however I have seen corn plasters cause more problems than they helped! Podiatrists treat corns by removing the layers of skin and you should get faster relief. So before you […]

Last April I ran my first full Marathon in London – here are my tips for novice Marathon runners

By Nicki Goodman, Sports Massage Therapist at The Mill Clinic It wasn’t until I had a client in today who isn’t a regular runner for me to remember what it was to realise the enormity of the challenge it is to be a novice marathon runner. I remembered after the initial joy of getting in […]

Why have I got back pain? I haven’t lifted anything heavy!

Mrs Drew (not her real name) came to see me with back pain but she couldn’t understand why she had it, as she was always active, and she hadn’t lifted anything heavy or from an awkward position recently. Yesterday she found it difficult to get out of bed and so decided to see me her […]