Golf – Lower Back Pain Injuries

Lower back pain doesn’t have to be par for the course! Approximately 60 million people around the world play golf, sometimes into their 80s and 90s. This is great news, because the sport has many health and wellbeing benefits. However, lower back pain, or knee and hip injuries are the most common reasons golfers struggle […]

Have You Been ‘Hamstrung’? A Hamstring Injury Help Guide

‘Hamstrung’ – a figurative verbal expression from the noun hamstring (the muscle and tendon on the back of the thigh), originating in the 1500’s where soldiers would slay their enemy across the back of their thighs rendering them disabled, crippled, lame, or useless. If you have ever strained or torn a hamstring muscle (albeit in […]

Last April I ran my first full Marathon in London – here are my tips for novice Marathon runners

By Nicki Goodman, Sports Massage Therapist at The Mill Clinic It wasn’t until I had a client in today who isn’t a regular runner for me to remember what it was to realise the enormity of the challenge it is to be a novice marathon runner. I remembered after the initial joy of getting in […]

Should you stretch before running?

It is generally accepted that you should loosen up before exercise including running. But does it really help? Recent research suggests that some types of stretching could make little difference and can even reduce performance! Static stretching has long been seen as a way of warming up, loosening the muscles and preventing injury, but often […]

Recover faster after knee, hip, shoulder, foot operations

Finally after all those months or years of pain you have had a hip, knee, shoulder or foot operation, but now do you know what to do to get walking or moving again, or is it still swollen and painful much longer than you expected? These are brilliant operations but you also need to do […]